Live to Learn, Learn to Live

Our school is "the heart" of our community, and is really well supported by it in many different ways.

Although our school is small, we are able to give our students a very wide range of opportunities. They excel in the classroom, where the small numbers allow for their individual needs and interests to be catered for. We also have a wonderful outside environment, with an area that we are restoring to native bush, a small river on our boundary and school gardens, all used to support student engagement and learning.

We know that children learn best when they are interested in the content and are given choice around how they learn. Therefore we build our curriculum around their interests, promoting a personalised learning approach, where learners are encouraged to drive their own learning. Our teaching strategies strongly promote an inquiry disposition in both staff and students. This means that as staff we continuously analyse where each child is at and what we need to do, to support them to move forward. Developing an inquiry disposition in our students is about getting them ready for "tomorrow". Our aim is for each student to not only have a love of learning but to have the skills that will support them to learn for themselves well in to the future.

We greatly encourage the use of digital technologies, with a mix of chrome books (1 to 1), laptops and I-pads available. Along with supporting learning in the classroom, these are used to bring the wider world into our classroom, and enable us to share and collaborate with others across New Zealand and the rest of the world.