Education Out of the Classroom

At Kaitieke School, we aim to do as much learning outside of our classrooms, as we do in it. Our local environment is rich in opportunities, to engage children in learning across the curriculum. Along with our native bush and wetland area, which we refer to as The Wilderness, we have a number of local rivers, Tongariro National Park and the township of Taumarunui, all within a half hour or so drive.

We take all our students on school camp once a year. These camps have taken us to Wellington, Napier, The Coromandel and Hamilton, to name a few.

We make the most of opportunities in the Taumarunui area. This includes participating in local inter school sports events. We join with other schools to watch drama and musical performances. We make regular trips to the two swimming pools in town.

Each year we aim to do three ski days on Mount Ruapehu. It has also become part of our school calendar to challenge all our students to a bike ride towards the end of each year.