Bike Challenge

It has become part of our school culture, to promote the outdoors and to set our students a reasonably difficult physical challenge, by undertaking a bike ride towards the end of each year. We prepare for this in a number of ways. Term 4, is bike term, with the children being allowed to have the bikes at school, so that they can build fitness and confidence during break times. We also run some challenge courses within school grounds, to develop skills, before doing a couple of practice rides through a local farm, before the 'big' one.

Since starting this event back in 2014, we have ridden Fisher's Track, the second half of the Timber Trail, The Old Coach Road, Huka Falls to Aratia Dam and The Marton Sash and Door Tramway at National Park.

Like so much that we do at Kaitieke, our rides are about providing rich opportunities, that challenge in different ways, along with providing life-long learning skills. The children learn that to ride a trail of some length (our rides so far have averaged about 20kms), they need fitness, riding skills and perseverance. But one of the things I enjoy most about these days, is seeing the camaraderie between our students, as the more confident encourage the less able.