Annual School Camp

All our students attend school camp each year. When possible we base our camps around a theme, to support current learning in the classroom. For example our 2019 school camp, was in Napier, with a history theme.

However, school camp is about a lot more than the learning gained from the places visited and experiences undertaken. Camp provides an opportunity for staff and peers to learn about each other, in a setting outside of the classroom, and to support in building strong relationships and knowledge of each child, which is important for developing a learner led curriculum. It also provides a context for emphasising the development of the key competencies, particularly Managing Self, Relating to Others and Participating and Contributing.

Because we take our youngest students too, we use camp to build a tuakana - teina culture, that can then be grown back in the classroom.

Prior to going on camp, students are encouraged to participate in the planning, so that they have ownership over the camp. They plan routes and menus and look at costings. We also introduce places and key ideas, to give them some prior knowledge. We have found this increases significantly the amount and the level of understanding and learning they acquire while on camp.