Learner Qualities

Our School Values

After consultation with students, parents and the community these are the values that we consider to be most important at Kaitieke School. These have been arranged in to a mnemonic - ACHIEVER, to support embedding the beliefs in our whole school community.

There are strong links to the values outlined in the New Zealand Curriculum.

Ambitious, - self motivated, engaged, dream big, positive attitude, challenge self, an eagerness to achieve, hardworking, effort, taking a risk

Creative – come up with new knowledge and ideas, design and create, problem solve and find solutions and be curious,

Healthy- make good choices, eat healthily, understand idea of being healthy in the mind, offer diverse range of activities, that include active participation such as sport, dance and drama

Integrity- make responsible choices, show honesty and fairness, stand up for yourself and show pride and mana

Environmentally Aware- care for the environment, be future focused

Versatile- adaptable, flexible, multi-talented, resourceful

Empathy- tuakana-teina philosophy, care for each other, be able to understand multiple perspectives, be accepting of differences

Resilient and Reflective - embrace challenges, grow perseverance, see mistakes and failing as a step to learning, self-questioning, always looking to improve, using peer support

Learning Behaviours we are focusing on in 2022

Last year we used a list of Learner Qualities with our students. We got them identifying where they thought they were at across different skills, and to set goals in their weaker areas. We referred to the learner qualities regularly during the class time. However, we found that there were too many qualities for students to keep track of. Also because every student had different goals, it was difficult for us as the teachers to support students to move forward. We continue to learn that ‘less is more’ and that to focus on fewer learning behaviours, and spend more time developing these, will have a beneficial result for all.

i) Students to develop good problem solving skills

ii) Students to use initiative more frequently and assertiveness

iii) Students to develop strong reflective practices

iv) Students to develop solid time management skills and self management

v) Students to use digital technology as a tool to develop the other focus skills